Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Стерилизация с импульсным светом

Infant milk powder packaging sterilization

Cans, cans end, caps (with or without integrated spoon)

Sterilization units of infant milk powder packaging are integrated directly on the production line.

The pulsed light treatment achieves decontamination levels of:

  •  3 log reduction on Aspergillus brasiliensis and Bacillus cereus
  • 5 log on Cronobacter sakazakii

Technical data

Caps optical cabinet

End cans optical cabinet

Can optical cabinet

Electronic Bay

Dry sterilization. Process cooling with air.
3 sterilization units enable Pulsed Light sterilization on the whole production line.

  • A decontamination unit for cans. Sterilization of the cans before filing.
  • A decontamination unit of the end cans. Sterilization of the end cans before seaming.
  • A decontamination unit of the cap. Sterilization of the can before canning.

The equipment, one optical cabinet per unit, is controlled by an electronic bay located next to the production line and synchronized with it.

The equipment can be integrated and housing fitted to the line (optical protection) by Claranor.

Its compactness allows its integration on existing lines. Claranor can carry out studies for integrating the equipment, in order to supply a tunrkey solution (retrofit projects).

The equipment synchronizes with the production line at speed up to 300 cans/minute.


Aluminium foil

Caps with intagrated spoon

Can end


Infant milk powder market

Milk powder market

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