Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Стерилизация с импульсным светом

Flexible packaging sterilization

The Claranor flexible packaging sterilization units integrate directly into the production lines.

The treatment with pulsed light makes it possible to reach decontamination levels ranging from 3 to 5 log reduction on reference seeds.

Technical data

Optical cabinet for film

Optical cabinet for film

Optical cabinet for spout

Optical cabinet for spout and cap

Electronic bay

 3 sterilization units thus allowing a sterilization without chemistry on the whole of the production line.

  • A decontamination unit of the film. Sterilization of the film flat before forming.
  • A decontamination unit of the spout. Sterilization before filling.
  • A decontamination unit of the cap. Sterilization before capping.

The decontamination levels obtained on films, necks and corks reach 3 to 5 log of microbial reduction on bacteria and molds (tests carried out by an independent laboratory)

The equipment (an optical box per unit) is controlled by an electronic rack placed near the production line and synchronizes with it.

The compactness of Claranor equipment enables them to integrate on new or existing lines.

The integration of the equipment and the cover of the line (optical protection) can be realized by Claranor.


Spout Caps



 Application to the sterilization of

  • Films: PS, PE, PP, PLA - Spouts and closures with or without valves - Multilayer film - Gourds
  • Spout
  • Spout caps